The Transonic is the culmination of years of aero engineering in the A2 Wind Tunnel that first yield- ed Fuji’s Track Elite, then Norcom Staight; then Transonic: the epitome of all knowledge gained and lessons learned channeled into an aero road bike. The Transonic is a no-compromise pursuit of speed with control, achieved through optimum stiffness and stable steering geometry. In addition to athlete feedback, Fuji integrates mechanic feedback into all of its products; and the Transonic is the latest to exemplify one of the brand’s overriding goals: to design bikes that are easy-to-service and user-friendly. Fuji was one of the first in the industry to position a direct-mount brake on the seatstays instead of under the chainstay, where it is extremely challenging to set up and service and impossible to adjust in a race situation. Fuji worked directly with Shimano to modify their front brake design and apply it to a rear seatstay position, where it affords both mechanics and riders easy access for adjust- ments and wheel changes.

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Model shown
Transonic 1.3  Satin Carbon

Other models available
Transonic 2.1
Transonic 2.3
Transonic 2.5

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