The Altamira was named after Cantabria, Spain’s prehistoric 35,000 year old Altamira caves filled with Paleolithic drawings – especially Bison. Upon discovery, the caves were deemed the earliest example of human development and creative expression. With Fuji’s new racing platform marking a monumental milestone in the development of Fuji carbon road bikes, Fuji decided that “Altamira” was the perfect name and perfect way to pay tribute to the Cantabrian-based team they partnered with for three years to help design it – originally Fuji-Servetto, then Footon-Servetto, then Geox TMC. And so the Fuji Altamira was born. And a year after it was launched, in September 2011 at the Vuelta a España, the Altamira won its first grand tour – by a Cantabrian rider known as “The Bison” no less: Geox-TMC’s Juan Jose Cobo.

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Altamira CX 1.1,  Yellow

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Altamera 1.3

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