Introduced to the lineup more than three decades ago, the Absolute is far and away one of Fuji’s most popular and bestselling models for its versatility. Especially prevalent among city dwellers who can use it for trips to the grocery store, commutes to work, and long weekend trail rides, the Absolute’s geometry strikes the perfect balance between speed and comfort – not too racy, not too casual. The Absolute is also ideal for the fitness-minded rider not yet ready to make the jump to a full-blown road bike or who would prefer to be in a more upright position to ease any lower back fatigue.

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Model shown
Absolute 1.3 Red    €929

Other models available
Absolute Carbon        Absolute 1.1
Absolute 1.3                   Absolute 1.7
Absolute 17 ST              Absolute 2.1
Absolute 2.1 ST

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